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We’re Imparting Hope and Healing to Every Heart

At Hope Center Indy, we are dedicated to serving the Indianapolis community by providing life-changing services to those who are often overlooked or neglected. We believe in the transformative power of the Gospel, and we seek to share this message by offering practical support, compassion, and empathy to those in need.


Our services include residential care, community resources, and programs designed to nurture one's relationship with Jesus Christ to holistically cater to the unique needs of our community.


Our Residential Care programs provide a safe and supportive environment for women survivors of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, sexual trauma, and addictions. With two long-term care programs and one transitional housing program, we offer a range of services to help women rebuild their lives. We believe in offering compassionate care and working alongside each woman to create a personalized plan to help her achieve her goals.


Our community programs are varied and far-reaching, ensuring that we can reach as many people experiencing difficulties as possible and provide assistance where needed most. We are committed to creating meaningful change, whether it be through education programs, our community food pantry, or other initiatives. 


Our Spiritual Programs are designed to nurture and strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe a relationship with Jesus is essential to leading a fulfilling life. We offer a supportive and welcoming environment where you can have a deep personal connection with God and develop meaningful relationships with other believers.

Hope and healing are for every heart.

Hope Center Indy is an anti-trafficking organization and refuge in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We are dedicated to the restoration of women overcoming sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and addictions by providing them with a safe place to heal and a network of resources to facilitate their recovery and safe reintegration into the community.

Learn about our residential programs

Hope Center Indy serves women survivors of domestic sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and addictions through three distinct programs.

Explore our community services

We provide the community with valuable programs, services, and opportunities for sustainability and spiritual growth.


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Every person has the right to hope.
Support futures free from exploitation.

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