Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How are you funded?

A: We are solely funded through churches, businesses, and everyday people interested in stopping the fastest growing illegal enterprise in the world. We do NOT receive federal or state funding. Hope Center Indy believes churches, business, and people should unite together over doing something about Human Trafficking. To support Hope Center Indy, please click here.    

Q: What about security?

A: Hope Center Indy has partnered with multiple law enforcement agencies, who have offices at the Hope Center. The 25-acre campus has a state of the art security system with a security team working alongside with law enforcement.

Resident Program:

Q: What ages do you accept into your program?

A: We offer our one year program to women from ages 18-30 not just locally in Indiana but throughout the entire United States.

Q: What is the next step once a woman has been through your program?

A: Hope Center Indy will work to find the best step for each woman who goes through our program. The ultimate goal is to assist in and provide the steps to transition and reintegrate in the community.


Q: How old must I be in order to volunteer?

A: Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age, unless they are serving with a group (i.e. Youth or school group). Group members must be at least 16 years old. Parents/guardians must sign grant permission and sign a release of liability. A proper adult chaperone to youth volunteer ratio will be required.

Q: Does volunteer service have to be scheduled or can a volunteer stop in whenever they have time?”

A: We have many projects and appreciate the desire of volunteers to serve. However, we need to know in advance who will be here so we can plan and prepare for projects.

Q: I would like to bring a volunteer group to serve. How far in advance do I need to schedule?

A: At least three weeks notice is helpful to us. This gives us time to schedule projects, line up supplies, take care of all the paperwork, etc.

Q: If my group is willing to volunteer, why wasn’t my requested date accepted?

A: We appreciate volunteers. However, there is a limit to how many volunteers we can safely have on site. That number can vary depending upon the types of projects and the age or skills of the group. It is not unusual for us to have three or more groups here at the same time, followed by the next Saturday with very few volunteers. If we can balance out the workdays the results will probably be better for our volunteers and the Hope Center.

Q: Why was I asked to authorize a background check? Don’t you trust me?

A: For the safety and protection of all our volunteers and the women whom we help at the Hope Center Indy we must insist on background checks for all volunteers. A finding on a background check will not automatically be a disqualification from service.

Q: I submitted my information, why haven’t I received a call or volunteer assignment yet?

A: We are blessed with many people who want to volunteer at the Hope Center. Please be patient with us as we make calls and take the time to talk with each prospective volunteer about your desire and ability to help. After we have talked then we will complete background checks. Depending upon the type of volunteer position you, you may be required to complete mandatory training sessions prior to serving.

Q: I just found out about the Hope Center and missed out on training sessions. Is it too late to volunteer?

A: The mandatory training for volunteers working directly with the residents will be repeated periodically. Until you have completed the mandatory training, you might consider volunteering in another type position that doesn’t require training. You will still be helping make a difference in lives.

The Redefined Hope Boutique:

Q: What is the Boutique?

A: Redefined Hope Boutique is a non-profit boutique serving as an ongoing fundraiser for Hope Center Indy.

Q: What are the hours?

A: Open Hours for the boutique vary. Please Follow them on Facebook & Instagram (Redefined Hope Boutique) for their current & updated hours. Boutique Hours are also posted on their website at

Q: How does the Boutique support the Hope Center?

A: The Boutique’s mission initially was to accept donations for the women residents to provide them with clothing needed. From the generosity of the community, that mission quickly expanded into a boutique that would be open to the public to help raise funds for the Hope Center. Currently, we have a public boutique open to the community as well as online; which features new items and also gifted items that have been donated to the center. In addition, we have a fully stocked private boutique completely free to our residents. The boutique will also serve as job opportunities for retail experience
for our residents.

Other questions, please email:

The Freedom Barn:

Q: What is The Freedom Barn? 

A: The Freedom Barn is a 120+ year old brick barn that has been transformed into a wedding and event venue on the campus of the Hope Center. The main goal of The Freedom Barn is to bring awareness to the Hope Center and be an ongoing fundraising opportunity for the Hope Center. 

Q: What is the rental cost for The Freedom Barn? 

A: For the current rental cost of The Freedom Barn visit the barns website at: or email our barn manager Kimberly Pochop at for more information.

Q: What is the maximum occupancy of The Freedom Barn? 

A: The maximum occupancy of The Freedom Barn is 220 people absolute max.  

Q: Do I need an appointment to come and tour The Freedom Barn? 

A: Yes, we do require that you make an appointment to come tour the barn for the security of the women at the Hope Center as that is our first and upmost priority. To make an appointment please email us at