The purpose of Hope Community is to help at-risk women graduates of institutionalized programs, integrate successfully back into society as self-sufficient, healthy, and productive members of their communities.

Hope Community is now accepting residents.


Applicants must apply within 30 days of completing a program. 


Physical Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Intellectual Wellness

Social / Service Wellness

Spiritual Wellness

Environmental Wellness

Occupational Wellness


Financial Wellness

"Alcohol and I had done a pretty good job at utterly destroying every aspect of my life. When I came into the Hope Center I was broken and defeated, but God. Because I stopped fighting and completely surrendered, I have been able to develop a true, intimate relationship with the Lord and savior of my life.


I have been able to completely restore the relationships with my family and friends. And I can now walk this new life in faith, encouraging others that there is absolutely nothing that Jesus cannot bring you through if you let Him."


Grace House ATC Graduate

Hope Community Resident

Hope Community is made possible through our partnership with:

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