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The Hope Center creates a wonderful foundation with the many supportive programs and outside services the residents can access. We provide referrals to outside medical services, mental health counseling, behavioral counseling and substance abuse services as needed.


Programs offered within the 13-month period are split into three phases. The days are approximate as the residents are evaluated on an individual basis as to promotion within the program.


Our unique programming meets the women residents where they are. The residents live in a holistic community where each can initiate a healing process within a safe and loving family atmosphere and be provided free housing, food, and clothing.


Our primary focus for each woman is to provide her with the different facets of the program to create a spiritually based foundation. This allows for a stable transition into a satisfying, productive and happy life.


-Housing: Residents live in rooms adopted and decorated by our Partners of Hope. Each room has access to common kitchen, living areas and private or semi-private bathrooms.


-Trauma-Informed Recovery Support Group: We use a faith-based curriculum which allows the residents to work at a slower pace without having to relive their trauma. This helps them develop skills and tools to reduce and ultimately eliminate symptoms of PTSD or similar disorders.


-Healing Through Expression: Expressing emotions and thoughts through artistic opportunities is effective with individuals who have experienced years of trauma. The Art Therapeutic Support Program is designed to let the residents express where they have been, who they are and who they want to become.


-Bible Studies: Bible studies are designed to be self-reflective, not intrusive, allowing the residents to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


-Church Attendance: Residents attend church services a minimum of one time a week.


-Worship Dance Therapy: Residents attend worship dance once a week.


Celebrate Recovery: Celebrate recovery is a faith based recovery program used in over 30,000 churches around the world. We encourage our residents to participate as part of their recovery.


-12 Step Meetings: Residents in need of alternative support for alcoholism and/or addiction may attend 12 step meetings with mentors outside of the facility and one time a week within the facility.


-Women Inspiring Women: A mentorship program for women to engage with other women who have stable homes, careers and family.


-Canine Therapy: The unconditional love between a dog and its human cannot be measured.


-Education program: Resources available include high school equivalency testing, high school diploma completion, and access to online classes for a college degree program. As we grow, we will offer cosmetology, culinary arts, event planning, small business management, entrepreneurship, and more.


-C.O.F.F.E.: Community Outreach for Financial Education. Residents learn about financial literacy.


-Health and Wellness: We combine fitness and nutrition to create a healthy lifestyle. The residents attend an 8 week culinary class that incorporates nutrition and budget. We are blessed to have a workout area created by Revival Fitness and Get Fit Gyms. Various fitness classes are offered several times a week by certified instructors such as Holy Yoga, ReFit and RevWell.