Our Beginning

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In 2015, Executive Director/ Co-founder Hubert Nolen came across a promo video from the Dream Center in Los Angeles. The promo video featured a girl, who had nowhere else to turn and was on the verge of taking her own life because of heartache she had been through. However, she ended up finding hope at the Dream Center, where she was given a second chance.

At the time of seeing the video, Hubert Nolen was the Senior Pastor at Brookville Road Community Church. He felt prompted in that moment to put a plan together that would allow him to start a place like the Dream Center. The one-year succession plan was then put in place that would empower Pastor Hubert Nolen to launch what is now called Hope Center Indy. In February 2016, Pastor Hubert Nolen cleaned out his office and transitioned from the church he had pastored for over 33 years to begin creating the Hope Center Indy.

About the same time Hubert Nolen was transitioning from Brookville Road Community Church, a 25-acre college campus one mile down the road from the church opened up for sale. The campus featured 210,000 square feet, 35 offices, 6 classrooms, computer lab, commercial kitchen and cafeteria, 300 seat auditorium, over 50 residential rooms, animal barn, greenhouse, and-most importantly for coffee lovers-a coffee shop.


Hope Center Indy negotiated for 9 months with the owners of the campus and were finally about to reach a lease agreement in late September 2016. Pastor Hubert Nolen and his son David Nolen moved into their offices at the Hope Center in late October. The two started working to create a plan of all the things that needed to come together before they could start the residential program. The campus had a number of needs that required attetion before opening it. The building needed 4 new boilers, fire/security system replaced & upgraded, 35 sets of office furniture, new I.T. system/internet, painting, residential rooms decorated, and the list went on. God answered every need that came across the Hope Center’s way. A saying that became popular on campus was “Let’s wait till Monday and see what God does.” After taking a tour and hearing some of the stories, many people said “this is a place of miracles.”

God only knows how many thousands of people have taken tours from November 2016 till present. Also, God only knows how many tears were shed when the people on the tours saw the newly decorated residential rooms. Tears are now a common expression during the tours. Even if people aren’t passionate about ending sex trafficking, many can’t help but to be amazed and filled with hope that God is up to something big.


If you have not yet toured the Hope Center, we would love for you just to see and hear what God has done in the last year. We promise you it will lift your faith and hope of what God can do in your life as well. We believe the Hope Center is just a sign of what God is going to do in the future. In Jeremiah 29:11 God promises to “give you hope and a future.” This promise from God’s Word has come alive for us. It gives us hope that God can take care of the big needs and small needs if you trust in Him and have patience.

Ten months after moving in October 2016, the Hope Center received their first residents in August 2017. The Hope Center plans to take more residents as more miracles and needs are met. Currently in the state of Indiana, there is no aftercare center for women coming out of human trafficking over the age of 18. In the entire U.S., there are less than 500 beds available in residential aftercare programs for women coming out of human trafficking. The need is great, and the burden on our heart is to make a huge difference in providing a place where they can have “hope and a future.” If you want to be part of our story, here is how you can help…

  • Please pray for us as the Holy Spirit leads you. This is our number 1 need and always will be.

  • Come visit our Coffee shop and Redefined Hope Boutique as they serve as full time fundraisers for us.

  • Spread the word about our mission. You never know who in your circle of friends has a serious passion to serve in this area.

  • Request a speaker for your church, organization, club, small group, etc. (To request a speaker email dnolen@hopecenterindy.org

  • We have 55 churches currently sponsoring the Hope Center in a number of ways. The majority of these connections started with some of you requesting a speaker from the Hope Center to speak at your church.

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