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Human Trafficking Support Indianapolis
Volunteer Opportunities Indianapolis


Faith-Based Human Trafficking Support
Anti-Trafficking Organizations



In 2023, Hope Center Indy celebrated its seventh year of operations since our founding. We are thankful for the numerous blessings God has provided us through the generosity of our supporters!


By the grace of God, 2023 was a year of renewed connections. We were able to strengthen our bonds with the community, our partners, and our supporters. We reached important milestones in our mission to provide hope and restorative care to people in need. As a result, many gained access to a safe place to heal, basic necessities, and a network of resources to facilitate their safety, healing, and reintegration into the community.

Thank you!

Human Trafficking Education and Awareness
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We love!


In 2023, we received 1,565 gifts from individuals and 443 new donors joined our mission. We also received 151 gifts from churches and ministries and 90 gifts from corporations. Thank you to our entire community of supporters!


We were fortunate to have received 18,522 hours from individual volunteers and 4,951 hours from volunteer groups. Based on standard market employment rates, the cost equivalent of these contributed hours amounts to a substantial saving of approximately $622,008!


The following partners stepped up to support our operations and other projects by awarding grant funds. We are so thankful!

Ninestar Trust
Enterprise Holdings
Nicholas Noyes Foudation
Gleaners Food Bank
Eli Lilly & Company


Thank you to our 35 Adopt-A-Room donors for renovating and refreshing bedrooms and common areas for our residents, volunteers, and staff!


We now have 2,043 Prayer Team Members. Thank you for remembering the Hope Center in your prayers.

Volunteer Opportunities Indianapolis
Human Trafficking Support Indianapolis
Volunteer Opportunities Indianapolis
Anti-Trafficking Organizations

We have made great strides in equipping our residential staff by implementing specialized training modules.

We also
expanded the reach of our Take Heart Residential program to women affected by sexual trauma, in addition to domestic sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

This year, we reached a significant milestone by offering comprehensive care to 115 survivors in search of safety and restoration from across the United States. Cumulatively, with all residents served by Take Heart Residential, Grace House, and our Hope Community transitional housing program,
240 women have found a refuge at Hope Center Indy.

“God keeps blessing my life with rebuilt family relationships, renewed love of the Father, new Christian friend relationships, a church community, a Feed the Homeless Ministry I created, and wonderful role models I admire and look up to here. It’s just been one blessing after the next, and I cannot wait to see how God uses me even more as I continue to walk with him in the Hope Community at Hope Center Indy.”

Faith-Based Human Trafficking Support

Survivors' States of Origin

This year, we incorporated more life skills training, classes, devotionals, and independent studies as part of our program curriculum.

Volunteer Opportunities Indianapolis

Your faithful support also enabled us to create and refresh beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming residential and non-residential spaces for our residents and guests.

Faith-Based Human Trafficking Support

Last Christmas Eve, a major water pipe burst in our ballroom. The flooding impacted not only the ballroom but also the two floors underneath. The damage was so great, our team affectionately referred to it as "Noah's Flood!"


While we have a large and beautiful facility, keeping it in top shape is no easy task! Thanks to your giving, and the dedication of our facility team, volunteers, and skilled contractors, we managed to complete all the necessary repairs before the end of the year. Now all the affected spaces are back in use and fully functional!

Improved Campus Security


We expanded our camera surveillance network, providing us with more comprehensive and effective indoor and outdoor monitoring.


We placed special emphasis on securing all access to our facilities by installing secure locking mechanisms on all doors within our campus and incorporated our elevator into our security framework.


Leading our campus safety is our newly hired security director, who guides our approach in creating a safer environment for everyone.

Our David Nolen Pantry of Hope saw significant growth last year, now assisting an average of 280 families every week. 


Since we began our full operations in 2020, we've given away 3 million pounds of food to people in need in our communities!

Human Trafficking Education and Awareness
Anti-Trafficking Organizations
Human Trafficking Support Indianapolis
Volunteer Opportunities Indianapolis

These statistics only represent the K-9 teams under the sponsorship of Operation Underground Railroad. We estimate that the cumulative figures, including teams who trained on our campus but work with other organizations, are much higher. Our collaboration with Jordan Detection K-9 and law enforcement vastly extends our impact, enabling us to provide help and support to an increasing number of people worldwide.

The law enforcement K-9 units that have been trained on our campus have conducted 556 search warrants this year. They successfully located valuable electronic evidence in 436 of those deployments. Their remarkable work has resulted in 377 arrests and the identification of 152 survivors.

Faith-Based Human Trafficking Support

Redefining Lives

Our giving engines are 

by providing life skills, employment, and funding for at-risk women and girls.


Resident and Graduate hours paid in 2023

Human Trafficking Education and Awareness
Human Trafficking Support Indianapolis
Anti-Trafficking Organizations



We are committed to sustainability by offering ongoing avenues, services, and opportunities which not only help transform lives but engage the community to contribute to the longevity and continuity of the organization.

We are focused on providing the highest
quality of care to our residents, shopping experience to our customers, giving experience to our supporters, and serving environment for our staff and volunteers.

We seek to engage in collaborations with local
partnerships that enhance our services and extend our reach.

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We commit to transparency in all our activities, from program implementation to financial operations. As we continue our work, we are committed to maintaining clear, open, and honest dialogue with our community members, donors, and partners.

Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is a distinguished panel of community leaders, each with extensive experience in their respective fields. These fields include law, leadership and training, business management, pastoral care, medicine, mental health, and finance.

The Board is tasked with providing financial oversight for the Hope Center, while also continuously advising on-site leadership.


Beyond Grateful

We are encouraged by the valuable contributions from our supporters and partners, whose generosity powered every moment of progress at Hope Center Indy. 

Thank you to our faithful community. Thank you for partnering with us in combating human trafficking and faithfully supporting our mission.


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Since we opened our doors in 2016, we've been blessed to welcome women from all over our country into our program, joining them on their journey to restoration. We are grateful that many of these women have continued to thrive after their time with us, yet with so many others still in need, our mission is far from over.

We cannot accomplish it alone. We invite you to join us as we anticipate the greater impacts and milestones that God has in store.


Together, with God leading, we can break the chains of abuse, and impart a brighter, hopeful future with Jesus to all.

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Human Trafficking Support Indianapolis

Pr. Hubert Nolen

Co-Founding Executive Director

Anti-Trafficking Organizations

Mary Nolen

Associate Director

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