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Our social enterprises, also known as "Giving Engines" are crucial for our mission because their profits are reinvested into our programs. Our giving engines also serve as safe spaces where our residents can learn vocational skills and find gainful employment. They contribute to our mission of bringing hope and lasting healing to the lives of our residents and extending that support to at-risk women and girls in the community.

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Social Enterprises Giving Engines Vocational Skills Employment Training

With a carefully curated selection, every purchase you make at any of our Redefined Hope Boutiques & Coffee Shops supports our mission. Next time you're in need of a wardrobe refresh that you want to feel good about, consider stopping by one of our Redefined Hope Boutiques. You'll find unique pieces to add to your collection and contribute to providing life skills and employment for at-risk women and girls!

Our salon is home to a team of highly skilled, independent stylists and entrepreneurs, each running their own businesses. Schedule an appointment or simply walk-in to experience the transformative services offered by our professional stylists. In supporting these entrepreneurs, you automatically extend your support to the Hope Center as well.


Social Enterprises Giving Engines Vocational Skills Employment Training

Explore our beautiful selection of flowers, plants, and gardening products at Redefined Roots Garden and Greenhouse, all while learning about and supporting the mission of Hope Center Indy. We are open for the 2024 season.

Social Enterprises Giving Engines Vocational Skills Employment Training

The Freedom Barn provides a unique space for weddings. Its quaint, rustic charm coupled with modern amenities serves both small, intimate gatherings and larger occasions beautifully. What sets this venue apart is that all profits from The Freedom Barn directly support freedom and hope to those we serve at the Hope Center. To learn more or to schedule a visit, please contact us at or visit our website.

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Small steps lead to big changes. Begin your journey today!

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