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Our residential care programs offer comprehensive support services to women survivors of domestic sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, sexual trauma, addictions, and other life-dominating issues. Tailored to individual needs, participants have access to therapy, education, life skills training, and more—designed to nurture spiritual healing and personal development—mentoring women to find a restorative path to freedom.

Our David Nolen Pantry of Hope distributes food and other supplies to all members of the local community in need of support, regardless of their background or circumstances. We believe in building a stronger, more connected, and resilient community where hope and help are within reach for everyone.

At the heart of our mission is our fight against human trafficking and abuse. In partnership with Jordan Detection K-9, our unique K-9 training program housed within a specially-designed barn on our campus, focuses on training electronic scent detection dogs. These highly skilled canines play a pivotal role in uncovering electronic devices that may hold key evidence in human exploitation cases. 



Product Innovation Creative Development Community Partnership
Christian Faith Growth Community Outreach Online Worship Services
Electronic Detection K9s Accelerant Detection Training K9 Handler Certification
Sex Industry Outreach Hope and Healing Strip Club Ministry
Spiritual Transformation Revivalist Training Holy Spirit Activation
Women's Recovery Program Discipleship Training Life-Controlling Problems
Chaplain Services Employee Well-being Corporate Care
Human Trafficking Child Sexual Exploitation Aftercare Programs
Domestic Violence Advocacy Transitional Housing Victim Empowerment Programs
Christian Worship Services Family Ministries Community Outreach Programs
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