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Community Services

Beyond residential care, our ministry makes a difference in our city's most vulnerable populations, including those with food insecurity, mental health needs, substance use issues, and other challenges. We are excited to continue growing these programs and creating additional resources for our community.

“From the people receiving the food, to those handing out the food, to those who packed the food, to those who pick up the food and unload the food, to the ladies who live at the Center and witness people helping people, because we truly care. It is truly amazing to see God bring total strangers together and they become a team of people helping people.”

Michelle Gambrel, Culinary & Food Pantry Director

Our community service programs and faith-based ministries are committed to welcoming and providing equal resources to everyone in need of our assistance, regardless of their gender, age, disability, ethnicity, cultural or socio-economic background, religion, sexual orientation, political or ideological beliefs, as well as other dimensions such as lifestyle and family responsibilities.

The David Nolen Pantry of Hope
DN Pantry of Hope.png

The David Nolen Pantry of Hope is a community food pantry providing a reliable food source for families and individuals facing food insecurity. This is a contactless pantry - Please stay in your car. This is a tobacco-free facility. Alcohol, drugs, and weapons are not permitted at any time.


Thursdays 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Doors close promptly at 7:00 PM. Last customers in by 6:45 PM


Available on the first Thursday of the month

Hope Prayer Center

An on-campus space to experience God's sweet love and hope through worship and prayer.

Prayer Meeting (open to the public)

Wednesdays 7:00 PM

Staff & Volunteers Prayer

Tuesdays 10:00 AM


Every person has the right to hope.
Support futures free from exploitation.

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