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Our Partners

Hope Center Indy is proud to collaborate with other ministries, community service providers, and for-profit businesses to create a far-reaching impact in our city. Our partners share office space, staff resources, and a great deal of knowledge. We are constantly developing ways to expand this work in our immediate community and countrywide.

"I could ramble on and on about how great it's been and it is now, to be part of the Hope Center family. I just think it's a wonderful expression of the Kingdom of God. Where there's no competition, there's just mutual support."

Dave Noel, Revive School of Transformation

Jordan Detection K9 Logo_edited.png

Jordan Detection K-9 trains dogs to detect the presence of electronic media storage or other devices such as hard drives, USB drives, and cell phones, which could contain child exploitative material.

Jordan Detecton K-9
Light in Darkness Ministry
Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at

Light in Darkness Ministry exists to recruit and train Christian women to reach young women who work in strip clubs and other sex industry businesses, a population often neglected by the church.

Light in Darkness has more than thirty teams ministering across six states.


A 9-month discipleship school helping people clarify their identity and activate and develop spiritual gifts while teaching them how to minister like Jesus and boldly take Jesus to their worlds with purity, power, and confidence.

Revive School of Transformation
School Based Behavior Consultation

School-Based Behavior Consultation (SBBC) focuses on skill development & challenging behavior reduction for student success. SBBC provides Home & School-Based ABA therapy, Early Learners ABA Clinic for ages 2-6, and Comprehensive Behavior Support through Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation for adolescents, young adults, and beyond.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 at 12.39.36 PM.png

Wernle is a family-focused, child-centered agency providing opportunities for the growth and development of troubled children and their families—individually, interpersonally, and socially-through caring programs and healing relationships reflective of God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ.

Wernle Youth & Family
Workforce Chaplains
Workforce Chaplains Logo.webp

Workforce Chaplains assist companies in providing chaplaincy services to their employees. Employees can develop an authentic relationship with the chaplains through weekly visits to their work. Employees benefit from on-call visits when they have a pressing need in their life or a family crisis. This could be to a hospital, their home, or a coffee shop. Workforce chaplains are trained to address many real-life issues employees will face throughout their careers. They also can connect employees with resources and organizations when a more specialized need arises.


Every person has the right to hope.
Support futures free from exploitation.

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