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Celebrate With Us: Hope Center Indy Achieves ECFA Accreditation

Hope Center Indy is thrilled to announce a significant milestone: its accreditation by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)!

The ECFA, a leader in setting standards for responsible stewardship among churches and ministries, has recognized Hope Center Indy for adhering to its Seven Standards of Responsible Stewardship™. These standards encompass financial accountability, transparency, sound governance, and ethical fundraising.

“We are pleased to accredit a ministry committed to imparting hope and healing to every heart, with special emphasis on the healing of women overcoming sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and addictions,” says Michael Martin, president of ECFA.

Since launching in 2016, Hope Center Indy has witnessed the powerful work of God through remarkable breakthroughs and miracles in the lives of those it serves.

"We are blessed to be able to provide programs that not only offer a safe haven for survivors of sex trafficking, exploitation, and trauma but also opportunities to move beyond their past, into a life of hope in Christ," says Pastor Hubert Nolen, Executive Director of Hope Center Indy.

"It is an honor to join the thousands of Christ-centered organizations across America that are making a meaningful impact in their communities and are supported by over 14.6 million donors who value what the ECFA seal represents," Pastor Nolen added.

As Hope Center Indy progresses, its leaders are committed to integrity and transparency toward community, donors, and the many lives it is privileged to serve.

Hope Center Indy's team invites you to learn more about its mission and how you can make a difference.

"Let’s stand firm against injustice, and work to support survivors and impact our communities, so that healing and transformation can thrive," says Pastor Nolen.

To learn more about the ECFA’s standards for financial accountability and ethical practices, please visit

Thank you for being a part of Hope Center Indy's story!

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