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Reflection: Showing love and starting conversations

I lead a ministry called Light in Darkness, which is an outreach arm for Hope Center Indy. I recruit and train ladies to do ministry in strip clubs. Recently, we were witnessing in a strip club, and a customer was sitting nearby. He couldn’t help but hear the words we shared.

We had taken in cookies for the dancers, as we often do, to offer as a way of showing love and beginning conversations. I decided to offer him one too. We don’t always offer them to the male customers because the club managers do not want us to “bother” the men. In fact, we are discouraged from conversations with them unless they approach us first.

He accepted a cookie and began to ask questions about why we were there and what he had heard us say. I readily answered his questions and asked him a few in return.

“What’s your spiritual journey been like? Have you ever had a relationship with God?”

One thing led to another, and I learned that he had attended church as a child. After a few minutes, he was praying and asked God to save him! He said he knew that repentance meant a real turning from sin, not just saying you’re sorry, and I encouraged him to leave the club and never come back. As seeds of truth are sewn, the Holy Spirit draws men to Himself.

"No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him." John 6:44

Written by Dr. Carolyn Knight Hope Center Indy Training Manager and Church Liaison

Leader of Light Into Darkness

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