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Residential Talent Show: A Time to Relax and Have Fun

When a few of the Take Heart Residential ladies approached Joyce Helfers, a member of Hope Center Indy’s care team, with a list of activity ideas, and she saw a talent show written down, she immediately thought that would be something fun to do on World Smile Day (May 31).

“Every month I look for fun national observation days that I can tie into an event for the ladies,” says Joyce.

Along with making people smile, the main goal of the talent show was to provide an outlet for the ladies to rest, reset and have fun.

“The program structure is hard emotionally,” says Joyce of Take Heart Residential’s recovery program for survivors of sex trafficking, sexual trauma and sexual exploitation. “By the end of the week, the ladies are often drained physically, mentally and spiritually, so it’s imperative to have events to remind them it’s okay to laugh.”

When planning the event, Joyce didn’t stick to a rigid plan, allowing the talent show to become more impactful than anything she could have organized.

Some of the talents the ladies shared included making a horseshoe shape with their tongue, doing a backflip, giving a short sermon on unconditional love, several original poem recitations and a self-written song.

“All of the ladies are so talented and beautiful in very different ways,” says Joyce. “I shared with them that often times, we are our own worst critic and others see our talent before we do.  When we openly share our talent with others, it produces a smile in their heart.”

After performing their talents, the ladies went around the room and shared the good and beautiful things they saw in each other. This was a part of the event Joyce had not planned or predicted, but it certainly left a smile on everyone’s face as they returned to their rooms that evening.

“I think there is strength, boldness and courage in everyone that participated.  It takes courage to be vulnerable in front of your peers and step out of your comfort zone. I often tell the ladies courage is just one step past your fears.”

A joyful heart is good medicine – Proverbs 17:22

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