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Corporate Social Responsibility: Beckman Coulter

Embracing corporate social responsibility (CSR) tends to have a chain reaction of positive outcomes, including increasing workplace moral and improving the image of a company in the eyes of customers and investors.

Each year, Hope Center Indy is fortunate to have a number of groups from different businesses come volunteer their time on our campus. We recently caught up with Backman Coulter to chat about how they practice CSR and their experience volunteering at Hope Center Indy earlier this year.

How does your organization prioritize CSR?

“Our company, Beckman Coulter, provides employees with an allotted number of hours for Volunteer Time Off per year and Hope Center Indy was a great opportunity to serve as a team. While we get the time off approved, it can still be challenging to balance work responsibilities and coordinate schedules.”

How did you come to pick Hope Center Indy as a place to volunteer?

“I organize networking events at Beckman Coulter for women to connect with each other since we work in a primarily male dominated field. It is beneficial to have a group to support each other. The team appreciated the idea of women helping women, and that was what prompted me to reach out to Hope Center Indy. Volunteering also helps see each other in a different light and express kindness.”

In what area did your team volunteer?  

“We worked on the housekeeping team lead by Jill and had a fantastic day completing tasks as a team. The chore list included cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, polishing wood work, and removing a carpet stain. The group dug our heels in and put forth our best effort.”

What were some of your teams highlights of volunteering?

“It was a great opportunity because housekeeping is a task most people don’t enjoy, but living in a well-cared for place creates a restful home. Every little bit helps. We split into teams to tackle all of the tasks Jill had outlined for us to complete. At the end of the day, the team felt accomplished with the visible improvement to the facilities. We learned how much effort it takes to upkeep just a small portion of the buildings.”

Why would you recommend other businesses volunteer at Hope Center Indy?

We would highly recommend other businesses and teams get involved at Hope Center Indy. It is very impactful to learn about challenges women in our own neighborhood face, but how a small amount of volunteering can leave a positive influence. Our group enjoyed the team environment and had many laughs working together to get the tasks done. We are hoping to schedule another volunteer day next year. 

For more information on volunteering, as a group or individually, click here.

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