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Take Heart Residential Launches New Website

In an effort to reach more survivors of sex trafficking and referrers dedicated to finding these ladies suitable services, Hope Center Indy’s Take Heart Residential has launched its own website.


Take Heart Residential provides long-term restorative care for women overcoming sex trafficking, sexual exploitation, and trauma. This new website will improve communication between survivors and service providers.

“For survivors, a streamlined and simple navigation experience means quicker access to vital resources and services,” says Director of Development, Sara Feasel. “Information about Take Heart Residential is clearly marked for survivors on the new website, simplifying their search for information.”

In addition, the new website allows staff to share more targeted resources and partnerships with survivors and referrers, consolidating program information in one place. Sara notes that this will hopefully “empower survivors to make informed decisions about their care.”


Along with Hope Center Indy’s “giving engines”, community service initiatives, and K-9 program, still has important information on the three residential programs for survivors of sex trafficking, sexual exploitation and addiction. The new Take Heart Residential website is simply an addition, providing a more focused area for women to learn about the program and decide if it’s right for them.


“The Take Heart Residential website is designed with care to be welcoming and encouraging, sharing the message of freedom and restoration using a Christ-centered approach,” says Sara. “As survivors explore the website, we hope it's a helpful place for them to learn about our program and how we can support them on their healing journey.”

Visit and explore the new Take Heart Residential website at

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