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Reflection: Now, How Will I Live?

I will never forget the sights of everyday life in rural Tanzania, one of the poorest nations in the world. I went to live there as a missionary in 1995. Little children in rags often sat listless in the shade, too weak to run and play. Their yellowed eyes and protruding stomachs were clear indications of malnutrition. Women worked from dawn till dark; scrubbing clothes on rocks by the water, growing and harvesting food, carrying wood and water, cooking corn meal gruel over an open fire, all while tending to numerous children. Large families lived in small round homes made of mud and sticks with no method of dealing with sewage and no electricity.

It shattered my world view and I was plagued with the question, “Now that I know, how can I ever carry on with my life the same way?”

After four years I came home for a furlough. It was right before Christmas and it was overwhelming to see the opulent decorations and busy Christmas shoppers in large department stores. I found myself in a state of reverse culture shock. I watched people buying jewelry and would imagine how many children that would feed. “Surely they just don’t know, they haven’t seen,” I would think.

One reason Jesus sent me to the third world is because he wanted to open my eyes. What is he showing you? Is there anything you need to re-prioritize too?

“In matters of equity between God and man, our Savior has taught us to put my neighbor in place of myself and myself in place of my neighbor.” - Isaac Watts

Written by Dr. Carolyn Knight

Hope Center Indy Training Manager and Church Liaison

Leader of Light In Darkness

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