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The Freedom Barn

Let’s talk transformation and the reason The Freedom Barn exists.

In early 2017, we felt the Lord calling us to something more. Kurt, one of our Operations Managers was taking a tour of the Hope Center Indy in its early stages and our executive director, Pastor Hubert Nolen brought him back to the barn and we started the discussion of renovating the barn into a wedding and event venue that would be a continuous support for the Hope Center. Renovations started shortly after. With the help of amazing volunteers and donations of services and goods we were able to transform this 120+ year old cattle barn turned into a wood shop/storage into what it is now.

The ultimate goal of The Freedom Barn is to bring ongoing support to the Hope Center Indy and bring awareness to human trafficking and that there is HOPE that FREEDOM exists outside of human trafficking.

We have come a long way, and have a long way to go but we are always humbled of where we came from and that the Lord has provided time after time.

And now we are so blessed to work with some of the best couples ever!

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