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Wellness support and unconditional love: Take Heart Residential

“When residents arrive to our facility, they often have not received proper medical care while amid their trauma,” says Morgan Jones, Direct Care Coordinator for Take Heart Residential.

Additional hurdles, like lack of identification or health insurance, can make if difficult to get survivors the medical care they need. Helping residents work through these issues as fast as possible so that their health is not further neglected is a top priority for Take Heart Residential staff and volunteers.

Once a resident clears these hurdles and is able to schedule their needed appointments, a handful of volunteers are on standby to drive them.

“Our transportation volunteers are a huge blessing when we are at this step,” says Morgan. “Sometimes there is a last-minute opening for the same day, or in the next couple of days. We can always rely on our transportation volunteers to help us get the resident to her appointment.”

Dr. Teresa Jones, a member of Hope Center Indy’s Board of Directors, volunteers regularly with Take Heart Residential’s transport team.

“This gives me a great opportunity to get to know them,” says Dr. Jones of driving the residents to their different medical appointments, job interviews, etc. “I let them lead the conversation, because if I talk about my experiences, that can make them sad or trigger a memory, so I’m cautious with what I say. I let them bring up a topic and then we discuss it.”

One topic that surfaces regularly is faith.

“Most of the ladies bring up the Lord and then we’re off and running about our faith,” Dr. Jones says with a smile.

Before she began volunteering with the transportation team, Dr. Jones, who has a medical degree from Indiana University, served as the primary care physician for many of the residents. Though she may have retired last year, Dr. Jones continues to provide valuable insight to the Take Heart Residential staff when it comes to the medical needs of the residents.

“Dr. Jones has been invaluable to the Take Heart team,” says Morgan. “She has given advice on medications, migraines, mental health, and everything in between. We know that if there is ever any concern, we can call her to get her input and trust that she will guide us correctly.”

With an emphasis on healing and empowering personal growth, Take Heart Residential takes into account the individual needs of each resident and recognizes that a one size fits all approach simply won’t work when it comes to long-term, restorative care. This is part of the reason it’s so important for the staff and volunteers that see the residents on a regular basis to cultivate meaningful relationships with them.

Having been involved with Hope Center Indy since its founding, and even more so since her retirement, Dr. Jones notes of the growth she’s seen in the way Take Heart Residential’s staff is striving to educate the ladies, protect them and evolve the program.

“I’m just very impressed with the program director, and the residential technicians, and the folks at Hope Center Indy that are involved with the direct care,” says Dr. Jones. “It’s just, to be quite honest, not an easy job at all, but their love and their patience toward the residents, as well as their endurance, is impressive.”

Above all though, what does Dr. Jones believe Take Hear Residential’s most valuable asset is?

“Unconditional love and encouragement; giving them hope for a new beginning, a new life.”

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