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A Night in the Life of a Light in Darkness Team

“Could you meet me in the bathroom? I don’t want that man over there to see us talking.” ‘T’ whispered.

My teammates and I were sitting in a strip club and we had been praying for God to lead us through our next encounter with someone in the club.

“Of course!” I replied. “We’ll go in and then you join us in a few minutes.”

“T” soon came in and we all stood in the dingy little strip club bathroom waiting to hear what she wanted to tell us.

“I am so terrified!” She said soon after the bathroom door closed. “That man out there beats me. He beats me so bad! I don’t know why. I try to do everything he says but he just goes off on me. He used to be my boyfriend but now I want to get away!” She began to cry. “Why does he have to act like that?

Last night he said I didn’t bring home enough money and look what he did to me.” She raised her blouse and there were many black and blue bruises all over her side. He knocked me down and kicked me and kicked me! I screamed and screamed and begged him to stop! I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to get away from him and I can’t keep living like this!”

Thank God a Light in Darkness ministry team was there that night, standing in the gap for this abused and terrified woman. She was the ‘divine appointment’ God had for us on that night. We made a plan of escape with her and soon she was free! Soon after that she found true freedom in Christ Jesus as well!

Women who work in strip clubs are faced with much greater incidences of violent assault than the general population. They experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder at rates equivalent to veterans of combat war. Some are trafficked and some are trapped through drug addiction, poverty, and other life circumstances.

Light in Darkness Ministry was founded in 2005 by Dr. Carolyn Knight, and partners with the Hope Center to provide outreach teams. The ministry vision and focus is to reach young women who work in the sex industry businesses, a greatly neglected population in the U.S. Light in Darkness Ministry exists to recruit and train Christian women to reach those who are trapped or trafficked and to lead them to freedom in Christ Jesus.

Light in Darkness Ministry teams:

1. Evangelism Teams: Ladies attend a training workshop to learn conversational methods of sharing the life changing power of Jesus. They seek Spirit led encounters and work to build relationships with women working in the sex industry.

2. Prayer Teams: Intercessors pray for the evangelism teams to have divine appointments. They pray for the team’s protection, and engage in spiritual warfare prayer against the enemy’s control in these dark places.

3. Projects/Gift Teams: Individuals and groups assist in preparing gifts for every major

holiday. They provide home baked goodies and other items to demonstrate the love of

God. These gifts aid the evangelists in breaking down barriers and opening


4. Training teams: Ladies become speakers and educators at churches and women’s

groups to raise awareness of the need. They are trained to launch new teams.

Light in Darkness is a growing ministry with over 30 teams in 7 states.

Would you like to have a ministry team in your city? Contact Carolyn to receive

training or to schedule Carolyn to share with your church or ladies group:

Call: 601-953-9586 Or email: or

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