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A World Inspired

We know from Acts 9:36-42 that Dorcas was kind and generous, used her talents for others, and was alert to those in need around her. We are not told that she was a powerful speaker or a mobilizer of people. But in her own way, she was a leader. She modeled these wonderful qualities to others around her. She touched many lives in the first century and she is still inspiring people today.

She is listed in the Calendar of Saints by the Lutherans. She has been honored with a feast day by the Episcopalians. She is represented in a stained glass window of St. Peter's church as well as many other famous churches and cathedrals. A gazelle has been named after her in Africa. Most importantly, there are Dorcas Circles or Societies all around the globe, formed in her memory. Tens of thousands of Christian women meet together to do good works for the Lord in her name!

Dorcas is one who is led by influence and example. One person can make a huge impact! Giving of our time and talents through generous volunteerism is the backbone of how we “go and grow” at the Hope Center. May God help us all to follow the example of Dorcas. Her life reminds me of the verse in Matthew 5:16, which says:

"Let your light so shine that they may see your good works and glorify the Father which is in Heaven."

Prayer Team Coordinator,

Dr. Carolyn Knight

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