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Additional $100,000 Donation Generated by Hope Center Indy Businesses

One unique thing about Hope Center Indy is its focus on self-sustainability. Along with generous donations from churches, businesses, foundations, and individuals, the organization is fortunate to operate several businesses that provide social and financial benefits to the residents and overall mission.

In 2022, the Redefined Hope Boutiques, located in Morristown, Irvington, and the main campus on Brookville Road, were able to donate $100,000 back to Hope Center Indy as a year-end gift. This is in addition to the donations they give throughout to help support Hope Center Indy's operating budget.

“The donation was on behalf of all three of our boutique locations and includes boutique sales, coffee sales, and resale of our donated pieces,” said Rachel Kleine, director of business development.

Much of the $100,000 was thanks to sales in the last quarter of the year, including those during Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and the Hope for the Holidays fundraiser.

Hope Center Indy’s businesses, also called “giving engines,” play an essential role in supporting survivors of sex trafficking. Profits from the boutiques not only help fund Take Heart Residential, Hope Community, and other programs, they also provide a safe space for survivors to practice vocational skills and obtain gainful employment.

“Our most rewarding work is investing in the lives of our residents,” said Rachel. “Over the course of 2022, the Redefined Hope Boutiques had the pleasure of working alongside 11 residents. It’s such a joy and blessing to watch these ladies continue to grow in the workplace.”

The success of the boutiques would not be possible without the support of the community. Every shopper plays a crucial role in providing a road to recovery for sex trafficking survivors.

“A huge thank you to all of our faithful shoppers and coffee drinkers. Your support through purchases, small or large, is giving back in a big way!”

To learn more about Hope Center Indy’s boutiques, coffee shops, thrift store, and hair salon, click here.

You can also follow our regular Redefined Hope Boutiques (@RedefinedHopeBoutique) and Redefined Hope Thrift Boutique (@RedefinedHopeThriftBoutique) on Instagram to stay up-to-date on new styles and sales.

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