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The Greenhouse is GREEN!

The moment everyone has been anticipating, with high expectations and eager hands to get dirty or to buy.... 

With grateful Hearts we are excited to announce the Blooming Hope Greenhouse is finally open!

When we acquired the campus in 2016, there were lots of dreams, visions, and plans for our greenhouse. In April of 2019 Mike Roney from Tuttle’s Orchards joined our team to turn dreams into reality.  The dreams included teaching horticulture, allowing residents to learn how to care for the land so it returns a harvest and creating an ongoing fundraiser to support the program.

Please stop by and join in the celebration as we continue to grow.

    -  Starting Memorial Weekend over 1500 flowers will be for sale

    -  If you are a current volunteer, you are welcome on Fridays at 9am. If you would like to volunteer but have not signed up yet please take the steps to become part of the family.

   -  Donations are still needed to purchase pallets, tables, water hoses and supplies to continue planting throughout the seasons. Financial donations are always a blessing!

We are thankful for God's promises and everyone who has sown seeds into the vision! 

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My name is Carol Harber I go to Realife church. I have over 20 years experience in the greenhouse industry. I am very knowledgeable about growing in the greenhouse and working with many types of plants. I also have experience with vegetable gardening which could help feed the Hope Center. I’d love to talk to someone if they might be interested in what I could bring to the center. Thank you, Carol Harber

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