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Hope Center Residents donate scent-bonding "Lovies" to NICU families

New parents often look forward to spending quality time with their newborn, but for NICU babies, bonding can take on an entirely new meaning for them and their families.

Scent-bonding cloths, called "Lovies," are one way NICU parents can facilitate bonding through their babies' sense of smell. Each set of NICU Lovies has two hearts. One is given to a parent to keep throughout the day, and the other is placed near the baby's head in the crib. Lovies can be passed from the parent to the baby each visit to provide a familiar scent for comfort and bonding.

"I think it maybe helped me more than it helped my baby since I felt like I could be with her even when I couldn't be," said NICU mom Jennifer D. about her experience with Lovies. "It was something I felt like I could give her."

Aware of the Hope Center's Sew Hopeful Program, which teaches residents basic sewing and quilting skills, Morgan Mitchell, a certified child life specialist, contacted Hope Center Indy. She asked if our residents could sew Lovies as gifts for the parents and babies in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Ascension St. Vincent's Hospital.

Over the last few months, those involved with Hope Center's Sew Hopeful Program have sewed and donated 200 Lovies to the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent.

Sew Hopeful instructor, Patty Hons, said, "It was our honor to use our time and talents to help in the community."

With 100 beds in the NICU, these Lovies will significantly impact the lives of the babies and their parents.

If you want to get involved with Hope Center’s Sew Hopeful Program, contact Patty Hons at

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