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Introducing: Blooming Hope Greenhouse

We invite you to visit our newly opened Blooming Hope Greenhouse!

The greenhouse is located on the northeast side of our campus. There are many varieties of annual and perennial plants to select from in our ever-growing showroom.

In April of 2019, Mike Roney of Tuttle Orchards joined our team to make our greenhouse dreams come true. Mike is actively involved with teaching horticulture to both our residents and volunteers and has generously donated his time and supplies! Mike created this on-going greenhouse fundraiser to support our program. Be watching for an update, as Mike will resume teaching classes soon. If you haven't attended one of Mike's free classes, they're full of information as well as being hands-on lessons.

We also have a new addition to the greenhouse crew. Brian Thomas headed up this greenhouse in the past and has come back to set up and run the greenhouse for Hope Center Indy. Fun fact: Brian was an intern at Disney, helping keep their gardens looking beautiful. We're grateful for all he does for us!

Bob Curtis has been helping with the greenhouse maintenance and is a major contributor in the opening of the greenhouse. Currently, Bob is installing a hydroponics system that he created.

Choose from a large selection of colorful hanging baskets, petunias, marigolds, zinnias, begonias, impatiens, hostas, purple asters, herbs and many other varieties; all of which have been cared for by our volunteers and residents.

Don't forget to grab some fresh veggies for supper! We have tomatoes, cucumbers,  zucchini,  yellow squash, and onions. Be sure to walk over to see our strawberry columns, and herbs. Our squash, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables are growing up a string to conserve space! Check out our potato barrel, lettuce and hydroponics gardening that is sure to amaze you.

We recently added signs and scrubs for sale in the greenhouse. The signs are made of local reclaimed cedar wood and are hand-painted. Our salt or sugar scrub scents include: lavender, mint, eucalyptus, tea tree and citrus.

We will have a double booth at our upcoming "Gather Hope Market" event on September 21st.  We'll have nearly 500 mums of multiple colors for sale to help you decorate your home for the fall season. The event will take place at the Freedom Barn  from 10am - 6pm and our booths will be in the parking lot in front of the barn.

We're always in need for volunteers to help keep our greenhouse in tip-top shape. Donations in the form of manpower, supplies or money are always welcomed!  We will also take in any of your extra houseplants, perennials and gardening supplies, as they are always in demand.

We couldn't do this without all our volunteers and donations. If you're interested in helping in our greenhouse,  please fill out the volunteer forms located in the Blooming Hope Greenhouse or Refined Hope Boutique. We would love to have you join our team!

Come experience what the Hope Center has to offer and watch us grow!

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