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Life after Graduating from Hope Center: Jasmine

“My first weekend at Hope Center, all of the other residents were going on a retreat. I wasn’t able to go because I was on house arrest. It was just me that had to stay back and I got to bond with two staff members. They ordered Taco Bell and we watched a movie.”

That’s Jasmine’s favorite memory of her time at Hope Center Indy and the two members of staff that impacted her most.

Jasmine, a graduate of our Take Heart Residential program when it was called Sisters in Survival, said that coming to Hope Center Indy gave her the opportunity to clean house from within.

“Not being around secular TV and other things was so beneficial.”

Her favorite class in the program was taught by Hope Center Indy’s associate director, Mary Nolen. In this class Jasmine learned about heart postures and becoming closer with God. She also is proud to have helped organize a bible study during her time in the program.

After graduating, Jasmine transitioned into Hope Community, which helps at-risk adult women integrate successfully back into society as self-sufficient, healthy, and productive member of their communities.

Jasmine recently got her first apartment since being at Hope Center Indy and now works for a recovery program at a different facility.

“I’ve really transitioned slowly back into life. The peace I have at home is amazing. I’m still in contact with a lot of the Hope Center people. I love Hope Center.”

(Pictured right: Jasmine's dog.) When asked how people can help survivors, Jasmine said just be patient with them.

“You know a lot of the volunteers can’t relate on a very personal level, but every situation’s different. You know we might be angry but we’re not angry at them. I was angry when I got to Hope Center, but I wasn’t angry at them. Just love them. Love them through God.”

Hope Center Indy takes careful consideration in the collection and sharing of all program participant stories. All stories are shared with explicit and informed consent from their owners. Please contact for questions.

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