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The Journey After Hope Center: Megan

“I came to Hope Center after 8 years of off and on drug abuse, and two years of being trafficked by my ex-boyfriend. I was at a rehab facility but was scared to go home after graduating because I knew I was not ready and that I would end up right back in the same situations.” Megan, a graduate of Hope Center Indy’s Take Heart Residential program heard about Hope Center from her aunt and uncle who knew Pastor Hubert Nolen.

She made the decision to come to Hope Center Indy and found the safe place and support system she needed.

“I was able to get into therapy, enrolled in college, which I never thought I would do, rekindled family relationships, and I was able to learn who I was in God’s eyes.”

Megan notes that some of the most beneficial classes for her were budgeting and using exercise as a healthy outlet. In addition to the classes, Megan is grateful to the members of staff who took her under their wing and helped guide her.

She says it’s been a journey since her graduation.

“I have my family back in my life, I have a church family, and I have great support system around me. I’m going back to school to be an American Sign Language translator, I enjoy my job, I have a loving relationship of almost 4 years, and a fur baby that I spoil.”

She notes though that it hasn’t been easy and that she’s had her fair share of bumps in the road. The thing that keeps her going though and makes things different this time is the tools Hope Center gave her.

(Pictured right: Megan's cat.)

“I got to learn about myself and my triggers, to grow in my relationships, in life and with God. But most importantly I learned to love myself and to know that I am worthy and loved, that I am not alone.”

Hope Center Indy takes careful consideration in the collection and sharing of all program participant stories. All stories are shared with explicit and informed consent from their owners. Please contact for questions.

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