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Our commitment: making each new resident who comes through our doors feel special

It’s Sunday afternoon; the candles announcing the arrival of a new resident to the Hope Center have been lit. Behind this beautiful visual reminder is a faithful and loving community of staff, volunteers, and supporters relentlessly praying for the safe arrival of a new resident.

Gina Colclazier, Hope Center’s Director of Residential Ministries, sums up this commitment enthusiastically:

Gina Colclazier, Director of Residential Ministries

“Each new resident is special to us because they are special and unique to God; after all, the very hairs of their heads have been numbered by Him. Our commitment to making new residents feel special and cared for lies in our commitment to Jesus Christ.

Taking a step toward healing and restoration is not easy for survivors of sex trafficking due to cultural reasons or feelings of guilt, isolation, distrust, or fear of criminal sanctions. [1]

“This is why we rejoice in their courageous decision to come into a residential program for help. We will work hard to honor that choice by providing a safe and healthy space where our residents can gain greater hope, love, and support from a caring community.”

Upon arrival at any of Hope Center’s three residential programs, new residents can discover a healthy and balanced lifestyle, greater peace, and a new sense of purpose. Take Heart Residential’s care team purposefully seeks this by providing them with classes, groups, learning, and growth opportunities. Questioning and seeing things with a new perspective and with new information can be transformative for survivors.

Another important reflection of Hope Center’s commitment to better caring for residents is the eagerness to get to know them.

“We want to know who they are, their hopes, dreams, needs, and desires. All of this greatly helps us to better assist them in exploring the underlying and deeply rooted issues that keep getting in the way of their restoration process. We work jointly with highly skilled and ethical medical and therapeutic community partners who help our residents to explore these issues and find the most effective steps to address them.”

Hope Center’s residential programs are guided by a holistic approach to restoration, and the agency of residents in working diligently on their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs is key to achieving a balanced life and lasting recovery.

The potent effects of psychological harm directed at victims by traffickers can translate into ingrained fear, anxiety, and compulsive tendencies that may compromise a survivor’s ability to ask for help.

“Some of our staff and volunteers have been through some of the same experiences and are highly capable of providing the necessary care and support. Our goal is for residents to find reassurance in knowing they are not alone.”

Join us in praying for the successful acclimatization of our new residents as they begin their journey toward restoration and healing in Jesus Christ.

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