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Poppy begins work in Oklahoma as a police K-9

A few weeks ago, Hope Center Indy bid farewell and good luck to its beloved red fox lab, Poppy, as she begins a new adventure as an electronic scent detection K-9 in Oklahoma.

For over a year, Poppy served as Hope Center Indy’s therapy dog, living on campus with head of security, Bree Cooper. Poppy would often visit the residents, as well as staff, providing cuddles and comfort on the roughest of days.

“I was so blessed to get such a sweet puppy to raise,” says Bree. “I learned so much about training with her and had so much fun watching how she interacted with the residents, the staff, and the public.”

(Bree and Poppy pictured right.)

From the time she was a puppy, it was planned that once Poppy reached a year old, she would be trained in electronic scent detection by Jordan Detection K-9 and eventually paired with a member of law enforcement.

That time arrived earlier this month, when a new class of K-9’s and handlers began their training.

“So, before I even met her in person, I was able to face time her and we were able to interact a little bit,” says her new handler. “Of course, I was in love. I had that immediate connection with her and then when we met in person, we had that instant connection.”

Part of her new adventure is a new name. Poppy is now known as Arwen. So, when you see news articles on the great work she’ll be doing, look for her new name.

“That one just kind of stuck,” says her new trainer after having worked with her for a week. This name is partially inspired by the elf princes Arwen in Lord of the Rings.

Poppy/Arwen will be a part of the Oklahoma Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

“She’ll be going with us on search warrants and recovering memory cards and all the electronic devices that we’re looking for in a search warrant.”

And just like she did for the residents and staff at Hope Center Indy, she’ll still be providing cuddles and reassurance to those in need. This includes children involved in forensic interviews and search warrants.

“I’m excited to see her go rescue and comfort children when they need her,” says Bree. “She could not have been matched with a better handler for her personality and I am so happy they will be making a difference in Oklahoma.”

Hope Center Indy would like to thank Bree Cooper for the time, training and love she gave to Poppy/Arwen. Also, thank you to all those who donated food and supplies to Poppy/Arwen during her time at Hope Center Indy.

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