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100th Dog Graduates Electronic Scent Detection Program at Hope Center Indy

In 2014, Todd Jordan found himself listening to a friend who works for the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. This friend shared his frustration at not finding an electronic device while doing a home search warrant. Electronic devices often contain incriminating evidence that can be critical in the arrest of criminals.

Todd began to consider what he could do to help make it easier to find these devices. It was after this conversation that he began Jordan Detection K9 which trains dogs to assist investigators in child exploitation, counter terrorism, white collar crimes, homicide investigations, insider threats, and drug cases.

Bear, an English Labrador, was the first dog to be certified by Jordan Detection K9. Later on, in 2015, he became world-renowned after his involvement in the search warrants of Subway spokesman Jared Fogle and U.S. Gymnastics Coach Marvin Sharp.

“In the beginning, things were tough,” recalled Chuck Carson, Todd’s father-in-law. “Todd often had to get up at 1 am to take care of the dogs, get up at 4 am to clean the garage, and then train the dogs. He would then go to work and come home to find another mess. This was not easy from a personal standpoint.”

Seven years later, Todd’s program has certified 100 canines for law enforcement agencies across the United States, and also Canada and Thailand. The dogs at the K9 Training Facility located at Hope Center Indy are trained in scent identification, pinpoint accuracy, and open-area search. They are able to learn these things through realistic scenarios, working alongside an agent involved in an ICAC Task Force.

It was an emotional moment when the 100th Electronic Scent Detection K9, Nyland, and Detective Dan Miller from the Parkersburg Police Department in West Virginia received their certification at the K9 graduation last Friday.

“My class was the first to come to the Hope Center. This is where my life changed. We keep doing the job we do because we know no one else wants to do it,” said Detective Chaz Balogh.

We celebrate the work of Todd Jordan, his team, and the many partners contributing to this milestone. But the work to rescue innocent children from exploitation continues.

“Why 101?” said Officer Matt Fleming. “Because in 2021, 29 million cyber-tips were flooded through the U.S. That means that 29 million times, someone tried to exploit a child in the U.S. And out of those 29 million times, over 80 million images and videos were traded through the internet exploiting children. It’s why we exist; it’s why we stay in the fight.”

Hope Center Indy is grateful for the opportunity to partner with Jordan Detection K9, Operation Underground Railroad, and other partners that have sponsored the training of a number of K9s.

To learn more about the K9 Training Facility at Hope Center Indy, click here.

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