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What’s Your Story?

Jesus said, “Get up, take up your bed and walk.” Now that day was the Sabbath. John 5:7-8

This is from a beautiful story of a 38-year invalid that Jesus healed. However, notice that this happened on the Sabbath. Jesus knew full well that the Jews considered carrying your sleeping mat to be a sin on that day. As I pondered this, I wondered why Jesus would command him to do this in a very public place, knowing full well that people would approach him and demand to know why!

I believe Jesus was telling that man to- ‘carry around your miracle!’ In other words, “Let your testimony be seen and heard.” Perhaps he encouraged him to, “Hold up your mat and say, this is who I was, but this is who I am today!”

I lead evangelism teams and I often tell people, “Many times the hardest things you have been through and the world things you have ever done, are what God may use the most in your sharing with others.

Sharing your own stories of what God has done in your life is one of your most powerful ways to be a witness. Your biggest mess can be a convincing message. Your hardest test can be an amazing testimony.

Written by: Dr. Carolyn Knight

“God will use whatever he wants to display His glory, even People and Problems.” Max Lucado

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