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Churches in Brazil Offer Support and Honor David Nolen’s Legacy

Strong, faith based, communities are an important part of the fight to end human trafficking. Their compassion and commitment are not only a critical component in helping survivors, but also in eliminating opportunities for traffickers to manipulate children and adults.

Hope Center Indy is fortunate to be connected and supported by a number of churches and faith communities, including several in Brazil. This is in large part thanks to a partnership established thirty years ago by Pastor Hubert Nolen and the Brookville Road Community Church. Over the course of those thirty years, Brookville Road Community Church has helped establish 34 churches in Brazil and each of them is committed to supporting Hope Center Indy.

“They’re excited and even though it’s a small amount in comparison to maybe what a church can do here in America, every one of them wanted to be a part of what we’re doing and be able to support us with their outreach endeavors,” says Pastor Hubert.

This includes serving in local areas, including helping children on the streets of Brazil. By providing these children food, shelter and an education, they are helping to keep them safe and out of the hands of traffickers.

In celebration of this thirty-year partnership, Pastor Hubert recently travelled to Brazil to speak at a conference for local pastors and to attend a dedication ceremony for a family life center that was built in memory of David Nolen, Pastor Hubert’s son who helped found Hope Center Indy.

“He had a real heart for Brazil and the ministry there,” says Pastor Hubert of David who passed away in 2019 due to unexpected surgical complications from open heart surgery.

The family life center will be used for church services, indoor sports, after school care for children, and other activities.

“It’s kind of amazing to see what the Lord has done there,” says Pastor Hubert. “I think they’re getting ready to plant even more churches there this fall.”

For more information about how your church can connect and collaborate with Hope Center Indy, click here.

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