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Greenhouse Offers Resident Peace and Purpose

Every morning, Anne fills the water barrel for the hydroponic garden at Hope Center Indy’s Redefined Roots Garden and Greenhouse. She also helps water the other plants, check out customers and monitor the fans and the vents, making sure it doesn’t get too hot or cold in the greenhouse.

As you chat with her about what flowers you should purchase, you probably wouldn’t guess she is currently a resident of Hope Community.

Anne first came to Hope Center Indy in 2021 through the Grace House Program which is designed for adult women overcoming addictions and other life-controlling issues. For over 10 years, Anne had a successful career as a paralegal, but it was cut short by personal difficulties.

“I was a heroin and methamphetamine addict for eight years,” says Anne. “I had burned every relationship in my life and ended up in jail.”

Through the Grace House Program, Anne was able to begin her road to recovery.

When women have been in the Grace House Program for about nine-months, they are encouraged to begin looking for a job. After talking with some of the staff at Hope Center Indy, Anne was able to start working a few days a week in the kitchen.

As her graduation from the Grace House Program drew to a close, Anne considered her text move.

“I realized, okay, if I move over to Hope Community, I’ll be able to pay my rent with the money that I make, but I’ll have all this free time and I can’t do that. It’s not good for me. I’m much better with a full plate.”

Hope Community creates a bridge for at-risk adult women graduates of Take Heart Residential and Grace House, helping them reintegrate successfully into society as self-sufficient, healthy, and productive members of their communities.

Along with her job in the kitchen, Anne began working in the Redefined Hope Boutique, which she liked, but when she heard people discussing who should be sent to work out in the greenhouse, she quickly volunteered.

“My grandfather was a Master Gardener and crop share farmer,” says Anne. “He taught me the ins and outs of gardening.”

The Redefined Roots Garden and Greenhouse has been a great fit for Anne. While she still enjoys occasionally working in the boutique, and will return there when the greenhouse closes for the season, she’s grateful for the opportunities God and Hope Center Indy have given her.

“I’m happy doing this. This is great. This is peaceful. This is God’s will for my life right now.”

For more information on Hope Center Indy's residential programs, click here.

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