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Hope for a Lifetime: New Book by Hope Center Indy Executive Director

Having spent a lifetime in ministry, Pastor Hubert Nolen, the Co-Founding Executive Director of Hope Center Indy, will soon release his first book, Hope for a Lifetime.

“I think the first book I ever read, other than the Bible, was Daws,” Nolen said.

Daws is the story and testimony of Dawson Trotman, who was a pool hustling juvenile delinquent before founding the Christian discipleship program The Navigators. Trotman’s witness to the faith deeply impacted Nolen.

“In his book were these incredible stories of what God was doing in his life and the people around him, and I just remembered as I read that book thinking to myself, if God can do it for them, maybe God can do it for me.”

Nolen also drew inspiration from the parables found in the New Testament.

“Jesus was the greatest storyteller,” Nolen said. “Whether it’s the farmers who went out to cast the seed or whether it’s the prodigal son, whatever it might be, I always enjoy the parables of the Bible because it feels like I can relate. It illustrates it for me.”

Sharing relatable and encouraging stories is what Nolen hopes to impart in Hope for a Lifetime. Throughout the book, he recollects life-changing moments for himself and his family, including the challenges of founding Hope Center Indy and the death of his son, David.

“When I thought about my own journey and the incredible need I had for hope and how I experienced that in Christ, I thought, I would just love to communicate that even in the darkest of times, there is always a light of hope shining in those moments. In those days, when it feels like everything has caved in, and there is nothing else, there is always our hope in Christ because of what He has done for us.”

Hope for a Lifetime is set to be released in the fall of 2022. Follow Hope Center Indy on Facebook and Instagram for more information on when the book will be released.

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