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Couple Married Nearly 50 Years Shares Volunteer Experience

Dan and Kendra Leary met in chorus class their freshman year at Greenfield Central High School.

“We both were in the drama club and spent a lot of time together as friends,” said Dan. “As sophomores, we were sitting in the school auditorium during a rehearsal, just talking as usual, and I asked her if she wanted to get dinner and catch a movie.”

Kendra said yes and 46 years of marriage later, they’re still together.

The Leary’s first heard about Hope Center Indy after participating in a day of service organized by their church. After this, they wanted to learn more about Hope Center Indy’s mission and returned to take one of the Saturday morning tours lead by Pastor Nolen.

They were amazed at the work being done to help survivors of sex trafficking. With retirement on the horizon for both Dan and Kendra, they felt God calling them to volunteer.

Having now both retired, Kendra helps serve lunch on Thursdays to the residents while Dan assists with food pick ups for the David Nolen Pantry of Hope and general maintenance on campus.

“I have met some strong, amazing women here,” said Kendra of the residents. “Just talking with them weekly and seeing how God is walking with them through their trials is truly amazing.”

Dan agrees, noting even the smallest of tasks has an impact.

“I’m energized knowing that I’m not just picking up food or turning a wrench or mowing the grass or moving office furniture. I am helping to provide a safe place for women in dire circumstances beyond their control.”

Along with helping women in need, volunteering at Hope Center Indy has provided a way for Dan and Kendra to grow as a couple. From their high school chorus class to volunteering, the Leary’s continue to strengthen their relationship and support each other by sharing in common causes.

“We feel like Hope Center Indy is a wonderful place and is doing amazing things in women’s lives,” said Kendra. “We are very thankful for the opportunity to serve here.”

If you and your partner would like to learn more about volunteering at Hope Center Indy, click here.

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